Are you interested in a model, which is light, aerodynamically clean and fast like a bullit? It is the flying wing BULLIT.

For everyone who likes flying wings and exciting high speeds combined with several aerobatic maneuvers.

Excellent performance can be reached in an engine-powered version. However, the lightweight of this model allows it to perform very well also in an electric-powered version.

Kit contents:
  • Wing is constructed of high-quality balsa
  • Landing part is reinforced with EPP
  • Light fins
  • All parts are covered with Oracover®
  • High quality accessories (push rods,
    levers etc.)
  • Fully illustrated manual
    of the step-by-step type

Catalogue Number: RMK-A-TO9002
Price: Ł115.92

Wingspan 840 mm
Length 680 mm
Weight: 0,9-1,2 kg
Engine: 2,3-5 ccm
Radio Required: 4 channel 3 standard servos, delta mix