CNC Engraving & Cutting

We can cut most of parts for your models or business.

CNC cutting is limited to mostly wood, plastics and some metal (aluminium, brass, etc). Text can be milled onto the parts as well, but, will add significantly to the cost.

Cutting can be done from most line drawings. AutoCAD (*.dxf, *.dwg) and CorelDRAW format drawings are our standard for cutting. Any questionable content will be resolved with the customer prior to cutting. To be sure your lines will cut as drawn (and to reduce cost) convert all lines to polylines (applies to CAD only).

If your drawings are cut ready then there will be no setup fee. Any setup cost will be estimated prior to starting work and will vary with the type of work required. We will agree on a maximum price before cutting.

When your graphic requires modification you will be contacted about additional charges prior to any cutting.

  • You send cut files and we review them for compatibility with our system.
  • We provide you with an estimate for the work.
  • If you agree to the estimate then we cut the files.
  • We calculate the exact cost, plus shipping and send it to you by email.
  • When you pay the charge we ship your parts.

If you need design work done, such as converting paper plans to cut files or something else, we can do it for you.

Drawing format guidelines

The file format used for CNC cutting of aircraft kits (or any other kits or parts) is the *.DXF, *.DWG or CorelDraw compatible formats. If you wish to provide a cut ready drawing the following formatting guide should be kept in mind.

Working area is 28" x 16". 28" x 4” is usually size for balsa sheet and 28" x 16” for plywood sheet.

All pieces to be cut should have 'connector' tags to hold the pieces in the sheet. These should be at least 1/8" wide. Most parts should have at least two connectors. If you have lightening holes or other pieces you don't need you can let them fall out (no connector tags).

Also, please leave a margin of at least 0.2" around the outside of the sheet.

Remove all duplicate lines from your drawings. In CAD converting lines to polylines will speed the cutting process and will insure that your parts are cut as you desire. Line width must be set to 0.002" or smaller.

If you wish labels or other text etched then provide that information on a separate layer from the lines to be cut. Keep in mind that most engraving will significantly increase the cutting time. If you include labels and they are not on a separate layer, they will be cut through.

When cut ready drawings are sent, no guarantee is made to assure parts fit. It is also up to you to maximize material use in the 'nesting' of parts on the material selected.

If there are any questions you will be contacted prior to start of work.