Catalogue Number: RMK-A-TO5008
Price: Ł146.74 Buy

Wingspan 999 mm
Length 1000 mm
Weight: 0,8-1 kg
Engine: electric motor
Radio Required: 4 channel

This is an elegant little acrobatic model designed specifically for electric power. It is built entirely from balsa. The structure is particularly lightweight but also strong and resistant, thanks to intelligent design and construction (all the parts are cut on a CNC machine, which means close-tolerance and strong glue joints, as opposed to laser-cut, where the wood is burnt, making glue joints more difficult).

Flight, whilst not being suitable for a beginner, is easy, with precise trajectories.

The wing, with its 10 % maximum thickness
airfoil section, gives the model low drag, as required for electric power, but the big propeller does limit the speed in dives.

The light wing loading makes for low speed without any tendency to snap, so landings are made easy.

Powered with an Axi 2808/20, a 9×4.5 APC propeller and a Li-poly 3s2p 11.1 V 2.4 Ah battery, this model will power its way through the schedule, and keep doing it for at least 15 minutes!

Try an electric model which is better than an ic plane for yourself. It'll switch you on!

Kit Contents:
  • The fuselage is made of balsa with a detachable cockpit and is covered in
    Oracover®. Cooling air intake and outlets built-in. The elevator and rudder servos go at right at the back of the fuselage (we recommend 2 × TOPMODEL CZ PS1616 servos).
  • The landing gear is ready-bent piano wire with hyper-lightweight wheels and a steerable tail-wheel.
  • The canopy is made of transparent PVC and comes with a sheet of stickers for the cockpit.
  • The wing is a one-piece balsa structure, covered with Oracover® in two different colours. The ailerons are ready for use, one servo per aileron (we recommend using 2 × TOPMODEL CZ SS 1816 servos).
  • The tail feathers are all Oracovered built-up balsa structures.
  • The kit comes with high-quality accessories (micro ball-links, Quick-links, fibre control horns, etc.)
  • High quality CNC-cut vinyl stickers are provided in the kit for decoration.
  • The kit also includes a step-by-step illustrated instruction manual.