Catalogue Number: RMK-A-TO6003
Price: Ł287.32 Buy

Wingspan 1560 mm
Length 1600 mm
Weight: 2,5–2,8 kg
Engine: motor*
Radio Required: 4 channel 5 servos

From the Design Team that pioneered 3D flight and created the DIABLOTIN, comes the next generation…

A revolutionary new 3D plane with an exclusive new mechanism that provides elevation control by rotating the complete stabilizer assembly over nearly 180°. The result of many hours of research and flight testing and designed by Stéphan Laurens, the DIABOLIC with its new stabiliser system opens the way to a new style of flight.

Aerobatic figures such as the "Kulbuto" plunge or the "Parkinson" loop, impossible to even imagine before, are now easy to carry out. The DIABOLIC uses the very latest in high tech model aircraft construction combining such techniques as computer controlled milling of the framework, carbon leading edges, double wing tubes, ultra light fuselage, an exclusive ball bearing stabiliser tilt mechanism, etc...

To facilitate transport, the wing and stabiliser are easily dismantled and the landing gear only needs one bolt undoing to be removed. You must try it! This plane is "DIABOLICAL".

*Engine: 7.5–10 ccm (2 stroke), 10–15 ccm (4 stroke)

Key features:
  • Extra light fuselage, built in balsa-ply and polystyrene and covered in 2 colour
  • Removable piano wire undercarriage
  • Wheel cowls and engine cowling in epoxy glass fiber with red gelcoat
  • The two part wings and stabiliser are made in a balsa framework and covered
    in 2 colour Oracover®
  • The wings are equipped with a carbon
    leading edge
  • Large canopy in transparent PVC
  • An exclusive ball bearing stabiliser tilt mechanism
  • Top quality hardware
  • Complete assembly manual, fully illustrated with drawings