Dino Electro

Catalogue Number: RMK-A-TO2002
Price: Ł109.75 Buy

Wingspan 1200 mm
Length 1000 mm
Weight: 0,45 kg
Engine: *el. motor
Radio Required: 3 channel 2 servos

Recommended train gears:
Speed 400 folding prop 6 x 3" 7 cells NiCd 500AR or LiPol K-1200 3S1P Standard

MEGA 16/15/5 folding prop 7x4 7 cells NiCd 500AR or LiPol K-1200 3S1P Sport

HACKER B20-15L+4:1 folding prop 10x6 7 cells NiCd 500AR or LiPol K-1200 3S1P Super sport

Clever little sailplane for leisure and sports flying.

Economic but nevertheless with high performance, this model is ideal for beginners.

More expert pilots will also be impressed by its excellent flight qualities, due both to the thin wing profile and the low weight. The fiberglass fuse is prepared with IN and OUT cowling air.

Key features:
  • Light fuselage moulded in white tinted epoxy fiberglass with rear strut
  • The wings and tailplane are manufactured in a balsa framework and covered with Oracover®
  • Top quality hardware
  • Complete 12 page assembly manual with illustrations for each stage