Discus 2a

Catalogue Number: RMK-A-TO4001
Price: Ł505.59 Buy

Wingspan 3750 mm
Length 1610 mm
Weight: 4,7-5,1 kg
Radio Required: A-P-D-AF

Ailerons (2 micro servos)
elevator (1 micro servo)
rudder (1 servo STD)
airbrakes (2 micro servos)
retract gear (1 servo STD)
tow hook (1 servo STD)

Brand new ECONOMICAL version kit of our well known DISCUS 2a W.

You'll need about 10 hours to build it, ready for the first flight, instead of 3-5 hours normally.

Very precise quarter scale of the last DISCUS 2a version.

Amazing machine, wonderfully built, nearly ready to fly, only 10 hours work is necessary to complete her.

Flight looks like the real one.

A real winner!
The model is designed and manufactured in Czech Republic.

Kit contents:
  • Ready fiberglass fuselage with carbon reinforcements and controls.
  • Elevator servo tray already installed in the fin post.
  • Transparent canopy to be glued on the fiberglass frame. Rear hatch latch, front dowel.
  • Ready foam core abachi wings covered with Oracover® with metallic airbrakes already installed.
  • Ailerons finished ready to be hinged. Fiberglass rod wing joiner.
    Special 9 pins connectors with wires already installed at the wing saddle.
  • Fiberglass hollow molded winglets, horizontal stabiliser and fin.
  • High quality vynil stickers set, CNC cut.
  • Hardware (servos trays, etc…)
  • Step by step building instructions.