Catalogue Number: RMK-A-TO1007
Price: Ł337.88 Buy

Wingspan 3200 mm
Length 1550 mm
Weight: 2,9-3,1 kg
Radio Required: 5 channel 6 micro servos

RC equipment: 5 channel, 7-channel receiver, 4 micro servos for ailerons and flaps, 1 micro servo for elevator, 1 standard servo for rudder, transmit-receive accu 4,8V/1,4 - 2Ah

All new performances sailplane for F3J style thermal flight.

Excellent for FF2000 category, for F3J training or quite simply for the modelers practising the radiocontrolled gliding in plain or on slope and which seeks a general-purpose machine, robust and powerful.

Kit contents:
  • fuselage and cabin moulded out of glassfiber/epoxy and gelcoated
  • the wings are in three parts to facilitate the storage and transport
  • the wings are manufactured out of foam core and balsa planking with hard wood spars and are reinforced by carbon and glass fiber tapes. The control surfaces are completely reinforced with fiberglass to avoid twists.
  • epoxy/glassfiber hollow moulded horizontal stabilizer and fin
  • C.A.M. formers and various wood parts
  • step by step building handbook