KP-2U Sova

Catalogue Number: RMK-A-TO7001
Price: Ł178.80 Buy

Wingspan 1440 mm
Length 1130 mm
Weight: 1,55 kg
Engine: *motor
Radio Required: 4 channel

Suggested power train:
AXI 2814/12 with an APC E10 × 5 propeller and a 40 mm diameter spinner, a JETI ADVANCE 30-3P ESC and a K-2001 3S1P (AK20013S1P40) Li-Poly power pack.
Suggested radio equipment: 4 channel outfit
Rudder: 1 × TOPMODEL CZ MS3213MG servo
Elevator: 1 × TOPMODEL CZ MS2414 servo
Ailerons: 2 × TOPMODEL CZ SS1816


This is a hyper-realistic semi-scale model of the Czech hi-performance ultra-light KP2U-SOVA plane.

Specially conceived for electric power, this model has a unique look and excellent flight characteristics.

Kit contents:
  • The fuselage, cowl and winglets are made of white gel-coated epoxy glass-fibre
  • The cockpit interior is in grey epoxy gel-coated glass-fibre, whilst the big canopy is in transparent PVC
  • The 2-part wing is of built-up balsa and Oracover® with ready-made ailerons. The wing joiner is 12mm diameter aluminium
  • The tail surfaces are built-up balsa and Oracover® with ready-made control surfaces
  • The model has a tricycle U/C made of piano wire (steerable front wheel) with hyper lightweight wheels
  • Computer-cut wooden parts
  • Many top-quality accessories
  • Computer-cut vinyl stickers
  • Illustrated step-by-step instructions