Kulbutin Electro

Catalogue Number: RMK-A-TO3002
Price: Ł246.62 Buy

Wingspan 1820 mm
Length 1350 mm
Weight: 2,5 kg
Engine: el. motor
Radio Required: 4 Channel,4 Servos
Power train:
Motor: HACKER B50-12S + 6,7:1
Cells: 12×SANYO RC-2400
ESC: JETI Jes 70 3PO
Spinner: GRAUPNER precision o 42 mm

evolutionary Electric 3D Sailplane!
An exclusive new mechanism provides elevation control by rotating the complete stabilizer assembly over nearly 180°.
Again, Topmodel innovates with the world's first electric 3D sailplane!
Imagine what you would like to do:
rocket up into the skies, then perform a clasical aerobatic routine with perfect tight figures; then you can switch the elevators to full throw and spellbind the crowds with wild 3D aerobatics such as the "Kulbuto" plunge or the "Parkinson" loop. Figures that only you can do!
Then to finish off in style you land at very slow speed and at your feet to the applause of the watching crowd.
Don't dream, all this is possible with the Electro Kulbutin!

Kit contents:
  • Lightweight fuselage moulded in fibreglass and pre-painted in white
  • 2 piece plug-in wing and stabilizer design for easy transportation
  • Wing and stabilizer: pre-sheeted balsa foam core reinforced with glass fiber
  • Fin: balsa frame
  • A beautiful large removable clear canopy with polyurethane frame
  • An exclusive ball bearing stabiliser tilt mechanism
  • Top quality hardware
  • Complete assembly manual, fully illustrated with drawings