Linea Electric

This model is a must for chasing thermals and designed from the start for electric flight.
The flaps enable the model to be perfectly balanced during winching, to ride out the rough weather easily, to maximise lift while spiralling and they act as powerful airbrakes to help land the model at your feet even in the most difficult conditions.

Kit contents:
  • Fuselage and winglets: epoxy
    fiberglass with gelcoat
  • The wings are in two part to ease transport
    and storage
  • Wings and tailplane are made in a balsa
    framework and covered with Oracover®
    and the ailerons and flaps are finished
  • An exclusive stabiliser tilt mechanism
  • Tow hook supplied
  • Top quality accessories
  • Complet assembly manual with
    step by step illustrations

Catalogue Number: RMK-A-TO2017
Price: Ł234.28

Wingspan 2560 mm
Length 1240 mm
Weight: 1,5-2 kg
Radio Required: 4 channel with 6 servos