Mercury Evolution

Catalogue Number: RMK-A-TO6008
Price: Ł85.08 Buy

Wingspan 800 mm
Length 890 mm
Weight: 0,115–0,15 kg
Engine: XC2205/24 EVP
Radio Required: 3 pico servos

Double champion of France 2008

Nicolas PIETU Category Inter

Loic HAUX National Category

Mercury Evolution, drawn by Nicolas PIETU fits for F3P international series competition.

As for its preceding designs (Hoaxi II, Saturn, Mercury...), Nicolas delivers to us today a precise plane on all the axes and extremely neutral, as well on reverse flight, as in sharp flight or than in torque-roll.

This makes a plane very easy to control, completely recommended to begin in the discipline.

It is also a frightening and effective machine to conquer the podiums.

MERCURY Evolution is a completely optimized version of the MERCURY, fruit of the experiment won in very last F3P competitions, the modifications are:

* Shorter wing
* Modification of the angle of the aileron hinge
* Additional side surface (higher fuselage and longer SFG)
* Only one servo for the 2 ailerons
* Modification of the servos location
* Openwork air-brakes
* Modified engine motor wall (to fits the XPower
XC2205/24 motor)
* Red, blue and yellow color available (to be
specified with the order)

Key features:
  • Fuselage, wings and tail made of computer printed and cut.
  • There are numerous computer-cut reinforcing parts in ply, balsa.
  • The control rods are carbon.
  • The model comes with a set of step-by-step instructions.