Miss Morava

Catalogue Number: RMK-A-TO7002
Price: Ł578.34 Buy

Wingspan 2420 mm
Length 1960 mm
Weight: 7,5-8,5 kg
Engine: 30-60 cc
Radio Required: 8-10 channel 8-10 servos

Very new towing model built for air work (larguage, photography, schooling, streamer, etc...). Possibility of using 30 to 60cc engines according to the required flight type. Equipped with a 30cc, it is the ideal entertaining model for a club. Able to ensure the young pilots training, to release parachutes or candies thanks to the enormous compartment, but also to tow sailplanes up to about 3 m wingspan.
With 50-60cc gasoline engines, it is really possible to tow very large sailplanes. The flaps are particularly efficients; it is possible to direct them until 90° thanks to the special hinges system delivered in the kit.
Real V/STOL capacities. The robust landing gear hyper resists the worse treatments and makes it possible to take off from summary grounds.
Thanks to its perfect geometry and to profile NACA 4412, this plane is an example of stability and will make wonder in all the tasks you will ask it.
A new standard was born... Our prototype is been driven by an engine ZDZ 40RE equipped with a aluminum AMT muffler, a propeller PAKR 20x10, a 950cc Du-bro tank and a glass fibre cone (N°Cde020CT80A).

Kit contents:
  • All built up ply and balsa fuselage, covered with Oracover®
  • All build up open framework wing, ready with ailerons and flaps prepared, covered in Oracover®
  • Fiberglass gelcoated engine cowl
  • Main landing gear from aluminium
  • Complete tailwheel assembly
  • First quality hardware: Control links, fiberglass control horns, special fiberglass hinges, king size ball links, radio hatch with latch, special removable servo mounts
  • Windshield and windows: transparent PVC
  • CNC cut vynil stickers
  • Step by step building instructions