Catalogue Number: RMK-A-TO2008
Price: Ł127.02 Buy

Wingspan 1210 mm
Length 1015 mm
Weight: 0,45-,5 kg
Engine: speed 400*
Radio Required: 4 channel 4 pico servos
*motor: Speed 400, 7–8 cells 0,5-0,7 Ah, propeller: 6×3


Adorable little electric glider with ailerons.

Pilots are very enthusiastic about the versatility of this glider. Capable of flying in a reduced space, it can also carry out elaborate aerobatics such as circles with rolls and it can even fly on the knife edge!

Key features:
  • Fuselage: front part in white epoxy glass fibre complete with moulded air cooling vents, rear part : carbon tube
  • Canopy: fepoxy glass fibre
  • Wings and tailplane: very light balsa framework covered with Oracover®
  • Top quality accessories
  • Complet assembly manual with step by step illustrations