PC-CUT 1000


Working area: 1000 x 1000 x 300 - 1450 mm

2-phase stepping motor with 0.9° holding torque (half step), X-axe: 50 Ncm, Y-axe: 32 Ncm, power transmission through ball-bearing driven trapezoidal thread (12mm Ř, 3mm pitch) and toothed belts, linearity through friction bearings on tempered and polished 16mm precision shafts

Positioning speed: 1000mm/min - fast forward, cutting speed: max. 500mm/min - polystyrene-foams up to 35 kg/mł weight, precision: max. positioning error: <0.1mm/100mm, max. inversion error: <0.05mm, reproduction of the reference position: 0.025mm, repetition accuracy: 0.01mm

Motor Control Unit: 4-axes chopper drive with half step output, power supply: 230 V/AC 50Hz (115 V/AC 60 Hz), dimensions: 230 x 185 x 65 mm

Transformer with full electronic control for constant wire temperature while cutting. The interface to the drive unit allows a reference value output directly via the STEP-FOUR® software. Input power: 230 V/AC 50 Hz (115 V/AC 60 Hz), output power: 0 to 6A via handwheel or via PC-interface in 25mA steps, analog power display, switch for manual or automatic operation, short-circuit protected, cutting-wire resistance min. 2 Ohm, connection of the cutting-wire via 4mm banana jacks/plug, output power: max. 160 VA, environment temperature: 0-40°C, dimensions: 230 x 185 x 95 mm.

STEP-FOUR PC-CUT 1000 Fact-sheet of PC CUT 1000 - German version only

STEP-FOUR milling units comply with the highest safety standards and are CE - certified.