Precise 1000

The Precise 1000 is highly solid and robust. Its big working area with about one meter length makes it ideal for big sized machining panels.

• tool- and reference switches included
• Driven by stepper motors via trapezoid thread spindles (Ř 12 mm, 3 mm slope)
• Plain bearing guideways on hardened and polished steel arbors (X/Y = Ř 20 mm, Z = Ř 16 mm)

Technical data

Positioning area (X/Y/Z)

1015 x 598 x 100 mm

Dimensions (X/Y/Z)

1370 x 920 x 370 mm

Positioning speed

1350 mm/min

Accuracy of repetition

+/- 0.025 mm

max. reverse error

< 0.05 mm

max. positioning error

< 0.1 mm/100 mm


30 kg

Power supply

230V / 115V (50-60Hz)

The tools (router, plotting knife and so on) are not included.

STEP-FOUR Precise 1000 Fact-sheet of STEP-FOUR Precise 1000 - German version only.

STEP-FOUR milling units comply with the highest safety standards and are CE - certified.


Three versions of packages of milling machines:

for DOS
for Windows XP/2000

Precise 1000 DOS

Precise 1000 Xpert Start

Precise 1000 Xpert Advance

Milling software V4 Profi with Modul

Milling software XpertMILL with Modul Xpert[DRAW] / Xpert [CAM]

Milling software XpertMILL with Modul [DRAW] / Xpert [CAM]

Control electronics SF-C2

Control electronics SF-C2

Control electronics XpertCNC


Windows-Adapter XpertLINK

Xpert Not-Aus Taste