Precise serie

The Precice Series convinces with a solid construction and stronger motors. In addition the Y/Z-drive is protected from contamination by covered guideways. This ensures high precision and reliability in taily use.Tool- and reference switches are standard equipment of the Precise series. The cabling for the high speed spindle 160, for 230V/110V router motors and for triggering magnetic valves is protected by a cable drag chain. The Precise Series therefore provides ideal machines for industrial uses like processing synthetics, non-ferrous metals and wood.

Precise 760
Positioning area:
750 x 458 x 100 mm
max. Positioning speed:
1750 mm/min
  • compact
  • high solidity

Can be applied when producing prototypes, letters and logos, engraving signs, making housings and front panels, low volume production and various special jobs.



Precise 1000
Positioning area:
1015 x 598 x 100 mm
max. Positioning speed:
1350 mm/min
  • bigger working area then Precise 760

For outline milling of panel material and serial production in model making.



Precise 1000
Positioning area:
1015 x 600 x 160 mm
max. Positioning speed:
3000 mm /min
  • enhanced stability
  • increased velocity
  • 60% more Z-travel
  • supported X- and Y-Axes

For industrial prototyping and model making, producing function models, lab and test engineering as well as 3D-processing.