Catalogue Number: RMK-A-TO6002
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Wingspan 880 mm
Length 990 mm
Weight: 0,2–0,26 kg
Engine: AXI 2208/34
Radio Required: 4 channel with 4 pico servo 5 g

Equipment required:

Radio: 4 channel, JETI REX 5 PLUS with 4 GWS Pico BB servos.

Power train: AXI 2208/34, JETI ADVANCE 08-3P ESC, APC SF 10×4.7 propeller, MPJ propeller adapter #1314702 and a KOKAM Li-Poly K-350, 11.1 V 3S1P power pack with PK 2 mm connectors.

An excellent biplane for indoor aerobatics.

This model incorporates the know-how necessary to perform the complete F3AI aerobatic schedule in a fairly small indoor space.

Assembly, full of clever tricks, will only take a couple of hours. The setting-up angles of the fuselage, always a difficult job with a bi-plane, are already established thanks to the prefabrication and to the numerous clever construction systems.

This model really does fly slowly and, thanks to its quite extraordinary power/weight ratio, is capable of the most extreme manoeuvers. The control surfaces, which are quite big and in exactly the right places, are very powerful and precise. Knife-edge flight is a mere formality and can be done at walking pace. The "top hat", which has the reputation of being difficult to perform, can be done with no problem, even in a small space.

This model is a "must" for indoor aerobatic fanatics who want a really efficient model which is both good-looking and cheap!

Kit contents:
  • Fuselage, wings and tail made of computer printed and cut Depron®
  • The cabane is made of carbon rod and Depron®, whilst the canopy is PVC.
    The landing gear is piano wire and Depron®
  • There are numerous computer-cut reinforcing parts in ply, balsa and Depron®
  • The control rods are carbon whilst the rigging is from high resistance woven material
  • The model comes with a set of step-by-step instructions