Rebelove X-Light

Catalogue Number: RMK-A-TO6006
Price: Ł270.05 Buy

Wingspan 1560 mm
Length 1640 mm
Weight: 2,5 kg el.
Engine: motor*
Radio Required: 4 channel 4 - 5 servos

Engine: 8–15 ccm
Motor: AXI 4120/14
Battery pack: 16 cell RC –4/5SC SANYO, 1700 mAh, 4–5S 1–2P LiPol
Propeller: 14×16

Every modeler who wanted to have a light version of our 3D aerobatic model REBELOVE can be now satisfied. We have developed REBELOVE X-LIGHT. Using one-piece wing as well as using new material the model weight was reduced considerably. The model is now able to fly aerobatics even in the electric powered version.

Thanks to its excellent aerobatics performance the model inspires any

expert and encourages beginners to fly the aerobatics.

Kit contents:
  • Fuselage constructed in balsa-polystyrene
  • One-piece wing
  • Extra lightweight tail covered with Oracover®
  • Engine red cowling in gel-coated epoxy fiberglass
  • Transparent canopy
  • Aluminium undercarriage with foam tires
  • Numerous top quality accessories (push roads, levers etc.)
  • Large decal sheet
  • Complete assembly manual of the type step-by-step