Catalogue Number: RMK-A-TO9001
Price: Ł64.12 Buy

Wingspan 680 mm
Length 410 mm
Weight: 0,24-0,3 kg
Engine: MIG 280
Radio Required: 3 channel delta mix

Greatly reduced assembly time, 2 hours from opening the box until your first flight! This model has been designed for 280-300 size motors (supplied in the kit along with the propellor) and is brilliant in aerial combat.

It is possible to fly in small spaces outside or even inside in large halls. Thanks to its airfoil, the RHINO is probably faster than the competition and is not perturbed by wind whilst the others are probably grounded ! The RHINO is made in EPP, a material highly resistant and virtually indestructable.

Kit contents:
  • Wing in EPP foam
  • MIG 280 electric motor and propellor
    assembly supplied
  • Top quality accessories
  • Fully illustrated assembly manual