Catalogue Number: RMK-A-TO5009
Price: Ł159.07 Buy

Wingspan 1250 mm
Length 1270 mm
Weight: 1,4-1,6 kg
Engine: el. motor
Radio Required: 4 channel

It is an enlarging of 25% of our famous DANDY cell.

Thanks to new the LiPo accumulator and brushless motors, the stunt-flying in power, silence and with a great autonomy is a formality.

Balsa structure and CTP extremly light (704g) but solid.

A must for all the electric acrobats who seek a machine with the performances signal, easy to implement, great quality and pretty to look at!

Model designed and built in Europe.

Key features:
  • The fuselage is made of balsa with a detachable cockpit and is covered in Oracover. Cooling air intake and outlets built-in. The elevator and rudder servos go at right at the back of the fuselage (we recommend 2 × TOPMODEL CZ MS3213 MG).
  • The landing gear is ready-bent piano wire with hyper-lightweight wheels and a steerable tail-wheel.
  • The canopy is made of transparent PVC and comes with a sheet of stickers for the cockpit.
  • The wing is a one-piece balsa structure, covered with Oracover in two different colours. The ailerons are ready for use, one servo per aileron (we recommend using 2 × TOPMODEL CZ MS3213 MG servos).
  • The tail feathers are all Oracovered built-up balsa structures.
  • The kit comes with high-quality accessories (ball-links, Quick-links, fibre
    control horns, etc.)
  • High quality CNC-cut vinyl stickers are provided in the kit for decoration.
  • The kit also includes a step-by-step illustrated instruction manual.