Alf 1


The kit of Alf 1 is all wood, CNC cut construction.

The Alf 1 has great flying characteristics as its bigger brother Alf 2 but is even more agile. With the recommended motor AXI 2212/12 with 30A Speed Controller and 2 Li-Pos is an outstanding speed machine capable of speed of more than 100mph. It is also available fit AXI 2808/20 with 30A Speed Controller and 2 Li-Pos for a prodigious high speed performance. The simple, clean airframe makes this Delta fast and fun to fly. Because it's a delta, you do not have to worry about slow-speed handling. This is an ideal model for adrenaline-thirsty intermediate to advanced pilots.



Wingspan 650 mm
Weight 400 – 500g
Motor Required: AXI 2212/12
Radio Required: 4 Channel
Functions: Elevons – 2 Servos (Hitec HS-81)
Throttle: Speed Controller