Scamp 480

The Scamp 480 is an ARTF electric powered sailplane with 1560mm wingspan which is intended for use in light to medium wind and lift conditions. Its airfoil, motor package and design are intended to maximize performance under those flying conditions and will provide great results for pilots of all skill levels. Assembly is simple and fast requiring a couple evenings to assemble. Hand launch is simple and effortless as the 480 motor will carry it aloft at a surprising rate of climb. Perfect for your flying site or glider launch slope. The Scamp 480 is set up for individual aileron control, elevator, ruder and speed control.


Wingspan 1560 mm
Length 920 mm
Engine: 4 Channel
Radio Required: Graupner 480

Catalogue Number: RMK-A-ST3001
Price: Ł129.47