Having the flexibility to process virtually any material is what makes STEP FOUR milling systems ideal for advertising technology, in manufacturing, in skilled craftmanship, in model and prototype building and for training purposes as well.

Due to the robust, milled aluminium structure in combination with extruded profiles, no base plate is required. STEP-FOUR milling units are therefore open underneath, which enables large-sized workpieces (e.g. cabinets) to be handled easily. Depending on theapplication, you can either use low-cost slide rails in combination with trapezoidal thread drives or linear ball bearings and ballbearing drives. A variety of router spindle units and accessories are available for individual and customized applications. This makes sure you get the best bargain for your money no matter what application you choose.

STEP-FOUR milling units comply with the highest safety standards and are CE - certified. More >>


STEP-FOUR hot wire cutting units is possible to use in the fields of model building, production of special packaging and item for decorative purpose and in the other industries very good example are blade of propellers of wind turbines. All current expanded and extruded polystyrene foams can be cut with the STEP-Four hot wire cutting machine.

The computer-aided processing guarantees absolute precision and makes reproduction easy. The user-friendly concept, from the mechanical parts to the software, results in the comfortable multi-purpose use of the STEP-FOUR machines. All without any programming knowledge. Many years of experience in building computer-controlled hot wire cutting machines vouch for quality. Continuous expansion and improvement of the STEP-FOUR software offer you the security of acquiring a system whose flexible expandibility points the way forward.

The recently developed optional turn table offers new dimensions in producing 3D-objects. The individually adjustable rotation angle is a real highlight. Any contour can vary at any angle i.e. any contour can be assigned to any angle. The workpiece can also be turned during operation.

There are no more limits to the user’s creativity. More >>

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Software for CNC milling and cutting units and WING DESIGNER as unique program that has been specifically developed for model building. More >>

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