Below you find the most important accessories for StepFour. The entire range of accessories can be found in the StepFour catalogue, which you find here

HIGH FREQUENZY Milling Spindle System 160W
incl. cooling block, converter with HF-interface, collet 1/8 inch, cable
HIGH FREQUENCY Milling Spindle System 42-2 W27 FS 300W
incl. converter, collet 1/8 inch, cable and cooling block
Kress 800FME Router 800W
Engraving Unit
Together with the appropriate engraving tools, lines ranging from less than 1/10mm wide to engravings for flood light systems can be created with the utmost precision.
Plotting Knife

incl. precision knife holder, knife, set of films

The ideal complement to the milling machine for cutting self-adhesive films. For lettering, decoration stripes, logos and much more.

Depth of cut and pressure adjustable.

Set of bits, 0.6, 0.8, 1.2, 1.6, 2.0mm

5 pcs. Solid Carbide Bits, one- (0.6mm) and two-flute cutters (0.8, 1.2, 1.6, 2.0mm), upcut, 1/8 inch shank.

For almost all materials.

Set of bits of your choice

5 pcs. Solid Carbide Bits, 1/8 inch shank.

T-Slot Table: Precision fixing and mounting plate for Milling Machines

For universal use as precision clamping and operation plates. The plates are twist-free and extremely sturdy.

Anodized, double-sided milled aluminium; height 20mm, raster 25mm, for M6 sliding nuts.

Combined emergency-off/relay box

The emergency-off box enables the milling machine including the motor to be brought to standstill as quickly as possible. This avoids wear and tear and prevents the router from breaking.

Machine Supporting Base

The light-weight aluminium structure of the frame provides utmost stability for the machine and enables large objects (cabinets, etc.) to be processed, provided these are suitably mounted. Accessories and tools are placed in the base.

Motorholder 33, 34 or 43mm bracket
T-Groove-Fixing Set

For the perfect fixing of the workpiece on your STEP-FOUR T-groove plate.

Vacuum tables

Vacuum tensioning technology is the best and cheapest method for mounting thin and elastic materials.