STEP-FOUR XpertMILL system

Highest dynamics, absolute precision, 2, 2 ˝ or 3D processing, 2, 3 or 4 axis. No matter how your demands look like, using the XPERT system ensures to have an optimal tool for your CNC machine in every respect.

XPERT CNC as intelligent stepper motor control and so to speak as “heart” of the machine, represents a quantum jump in controlling stepper motors. Dynamic changeover between micro- and full-step operation or forward-looking motion analysis of all four axis, which guarantees that a single axis only brakes as much as absolutely necessary, takes always care of the optimal path velocity.

State-of-the-art, extremely low loss working components for control of the motor output stage and precise timing of the controlling sequences allow results, which surpass some servo drives. The XPERT CNC controller is provided with standard connectors and is delivered with all needed connecting cables. Also all previous STEP-FOUR milling machines are upgradable trouble-free. The fact that all parameters are adjustable individually by software for every single axis, also allows retrofitting of machines from other manufacturers.

STEP-FOUR Xpert MILL stands for the symbiosis of state-of-the-art software standards with the existing know how from over 10 years of experience with the worldwide proven classical DOS-milling-software. In addition numerous custom extensions were implemented. Xpert MILL is a real multitasking program. By swapping all the time critical functions into the XPERT CNC controller it is possible to mill on the PC while carrying on working with other programs. Nevertheless the user has everything under control: milling break, controlled stop, alteration of feed or spindle rotation speed, visualization of the complete milling mechanics including cutter, arbitrary change of machine view, cutter-“tracking” etc. You have the overview and the control of the machining operation at any time.

Installation and initial operation phase

Easy install, uninstall and update of the software is offered by Install-Shield Installation-Assistant. All the machine parameters of each specific STEP-FOUR machine are clearly and logically stored in a database. This saves a laborious input and adjustment of numerous parameters. Furthermore Xpert MILL allows easy firmware upgrade of the XPERT CNC controller.

Acceptance of working geometry

The acceptance of DXF- or HPGL- geometry data within the 2 resp. 2 ˝ D field guarantees uncomplicated linking to almost all drawing or construction programs. The bidirectional data exchange makes sure that i.e. the current milling geometry can be reaccepted by the CAD system. The Xpert [3D] module allows the acceptance of path data in DIN-ISO G-Code format. 3D milling data from CAM systems for cartesian 3-axis and/or axis of rotation working can be taken over by this. For special applications like 3-axis contour-milling or circular engraving also 3DDXF files (3D-polylines) can be imported.

Milling technology

Also a series of powerful features for linking the geometry data with the milling parameters is provided. Feed rates, milling depths, in-feeds, spindle speed for all objects of the supplied material data base are accepted at the touch of a button. When needed, the milling parameter can be preset for certain layers or even individually for every object.

Xpert MILL offers a row of powerful tools for the classical 2 ˝ D field. The standard features to define the inner and outer contours, starting points, direction of the cut as well as the sequence already cover the requirements of most domains. The expansion module Xpert [CAM] with special features (contour- or direction parallel broaching with automated island detection, extensive 3 D lead-in/lead-out function like i.e. spiral shaped, contour parallel, tangential or bow shaped as well as special finish functions) expands Xpert MILL to a fully adequate 2 ˝ D CAM system.

Handling of milling objects

STEP-FOUR Xpert MILL controls powerful handling functions to fit the component optimally together with the technological operating sequence. Rotating, mirroring, scaling, grouping, duplicating, aligning objects with object groups allows customization to particular needs.


The add-on module Xpert [DRAW] offers the possibility to expand or alter the geometry data within a complex CAD-file, to construct simple parts to be milled directly within the milling software and so on. The creation of points, lines, squares, rectangles, circuits, ellipses either by mouse or by numerical instructions allows fast and precise production of simple parts. The rounding resp. bevelling of edges as well as the functions cutting, merging and reducing points by smoothing function, allow quick adaptation to the geometrical and milling requests of a component.

Also texts with various Windows-fonts can be designed and milled directly in the milling environment.

Material and milling data base

Milling parameters can be taken from the software’s integrated material and tool data base resp. current values can be written in the material data base. Ideal milling parameters for a particular material don’t have to be laboriously obtained due to the vast predefined data base. This data base is subdivided into materials.

The highlights of the STEP-FOUR Xpert system:
  • Full 3D 4-axis control
  • Real multitasking
  • Dynamic changeover between micro- and full-step operation
  • Software customizable because of modular structure
  • Extensive tool and material data base
  • Configurable for many different mechanical systems

  • STEP-FOUR XpertMILL system Fact-sheet of STEP-FOUR XpertMILL system - German version only
    XpertMILL under Windows VISTA Fact-sheet of XpertMILL under Windows VISTA - German version only

    STEP-FOUR milling units comply with the highest safety standards and are CE - certified.