Superior 1200 S

With the Superior 1200S and its powerful highly dynamic servo motors (high acceleration values) applications can be realized, those require high speeds and short cycle times. Due to the closed-loop servo system highest reliability and immunity against positioning errors in case of high workload are given. Expensive workpieces or devices are therefore optimally protected against damages or destruction.

• tool- and reference switches included
• Servo motors via recirculating ball spindles (X/Y = 16x10 mm, Z = 16x5 mm)
• Linear guides on supported steel arbors (Ř 12 mm)
• integrated 19" XpertCNC servo controller rack

Technical data

Positioning area (X/Y/Z)

1150 x 998 x 195 mm/p>

Dimensions (X/Y/Z)

1800 x 1430 x 1760 mm

Positioning speed

10000 mm/min

Accuracy of repetition

+/- 0.01 mm

max. reverse error

< 0.05 mm

max. positioning error

< 0.1 mm/100 mm

Power supply

230V / 115V (50-60Hz)

The tools (router, plotting knife and so on) are not included.

STEP-FOUR Superior 1200 S Fact-sheet of STEP-FOUR Superior 1200 S - German version only.

STEP-FOUR milling units comply with the highest safety standards and are CE - certified.