Superior 1600

The Superior 1600 has an underframe consisting of aluminium system- mouldings. This guarantees maximal flexibility when integrating equipment and clamping devices. The stiff construction allows for low-vibration operation even at highest operation dynamics irrespective of whether powerful milling or fine engraving jobs have to be done. The big working area can be used in many different ways. In production, for instance, set-up time can be reduced by mounting special clamping devices for the different batch parts. Shifting production to the next part can be executed at the touch of a button.

• Tool- and reference switches included
• Driven by stepper motors via recirculating ball spindles (Ř 16 mm; slope XY/Z 10/5 mm)
• Linear guides on supported steel arbors (Ř 12 mm)

Technical data

Positioning area (X/Y/Z)

1550 x 998 x 195 mm

Dimensions (X/Y/Z)

2000 x 1400 x 500 mm

Positioning speed

4000 mm/min

Accuracy of repetition

+/- 0.02 mm

max. reverse error

< 0.05 mm

max. positioning error

< 0.1 mm/100 mm

Power supply

230V / 115V (50-60Hz)

The tools (router, plotting knife and so on) are not included.

STEP-FOUR Superior 1600 Fact-sheet of STEP-FOUR Superior 1600 - German version only.

STEP-FOUR milling units comply with the highest safety standards and are CE - certified.