Swift S1

Catalogue Number: RMK-A-TO4007
Price: Ł541.35 Buy

Wingspan 3140 mm
Length 1740 mm
Weight: 5-5,5 kg
Radio Required: A-P-D-AF-TR-CR
Ailerons (2 micro servos) - HS - 5245MG digi (HS 225 MG)
elevator (1 micro servo) - HS - 5245MG digi (HS 225 MG)
rudder (1 servo STD) - HS - 475HB
airbrakes (2 micro servos) - DS1811

Swift S1 ARF (covered with Oracover®). ECONOMICAL version kit with simplified equipment and in lower stage of completion.

Kit contents:
  • Ready fiberglass fuselage
  • Ready foam core abachi wings with carbon-fibre reinforcing covered with Oracover® with metallic airbrakes already installed.
  • Ready foam core abachi horizontal stabiliser covered with Oracover®.
  • Fiberglass hollow moulded fin
  • Fiberglass cabin frame
  • Transparent cabin
  • Complete assembly manual
  • Accessories