Thermik Dream

Catalogue Number: RMK-A-TO2009
Price: Ł293.49 Buy

Wingspan 3000 mm
Length 1510 mm
Weight: 2,6 kg
Engine: el. motor
Radio Required: 5 CHannel,6 Servos

Radio req'd: 5 channel with 6 micro servos
Engine req'd: MEGA ACn 22/30/2 + Gearbox 2:1, with 8 cells SANYO RC-2400, prop AERONAUT CAM CARBON 16×8 ESC req'd: JETI JES 40-3P.

High performance electric sailplane.

Very elegant high performance electric sailplane. Superb wing, designed with S7012 airfoil and flaps, to take the best advantage from the thermals and for a strong braking effect (coupled with ailerons) when landing. Powered with a brushless motor, feeded with a 8 cell pack only, this sailplane climbs with authority (45° path with the selected brushless motor) and the flight duration is 30 minutes nearly every time!

Kit contents:
  • Fuselage, cabin and winglets: hollow moulded fiberglass, gelcoated
  • 3 piece wing for an easy transportation and stocking
  • Foam core, balsa sheeted wing, with hard wood spars
  • Fiberglass reinforced control surfaces to avoid twisting
  • Expertly covered with Oracover® polyester shrinking film
  • Tilt elevator system with the servo installed into the fin for a high response and precision
  • Balsa construction tails surfaces (with a real airfoil for the horizontal stabiliser)
  • CNC cutted wood formers and parts
  • First class accessories (all what you need is included)
  • Plotter stickers
  • Step by step building instruction manual fully illustrated