Cap 232

Catalogue Number: RMK-A-TO5002
Price: Ł603.01 Buy

Wingspan 2070 mm
Length 1930 mm
Weight: 6,8-7,2 kg
Engine: 30 - 40ccm
Radio Required: 4 channel 5 servos

Scale model of the famous French aerobatics plane. This CAP is unique and unmatched by other models of the CAP! Firstly, designed in collaboration with CAP AVIATION, DIJON, FRANCE, it is an exact scale replica. Then, it's elaborate construction, full of new ideas, gives it an extremely low weight; nevertheless it is capable of absorbing the vibrations of large engines as well as the most severe loading during flight. In addition, the plane is supplied virtually finished, having been hand assembled with the greatest care in our factory. Finally the aerodynamic choices, that we made, give this CAP a very precise handling on all the axis with pure trajectories and a certain capacity for 3D flight. But don't think that this CAP 232 is just for the elite! It has been thought out in the smallest detail, for rapid assembly and preparation at the airfield and easy handing in the air so that a great number of pilots can fly it. A must have, for all pilots that like large and beautiful aircraft.

Kit contents:
  • Fuselage built in balsa, ply et polystyrene and then covered in twin colour Oracover®
  • Wheel housings, wing karmans, and stabiliser housing in gelcoated epoxy glass fibre
  • Transparent PVC canopy
  • Aluminium main landing gear
  • Wings: Balsa framework covered in twin colour Oracover®. Built in two parts to simplify transport
  • Tailplane: Balsa framework covered in twin colour Oracover®. The stabiliser can be disassembled for transport
  • Top quality hardware
  • Detailed assembly drawing