Ventus 2cx

Catalogue Number: RMK-A-TO4003
Price: Ł546.29 Buy

Wingspan 4500 mm
Length 1610 mm
Weight: 4,9-5,6 kg
Radio Required: 6 channels
Ailerons and flaps (6 micro servos)
elevator (1 micro servo)
rudder (1 servo STD)
airbrakes (2 micro servos)

This magnificent scale model, to 1/4 scale is the new SHEMPP-HIRTH jewel. It really is a beautiful bird, brilliantly modelled, almost ready to fly, only 11 hours of work are necessary to fit the radio.
The flight is really very realistic.
Our VENTUS thermal-hunts to perfection, spiralling elegantly and efficiently. The split flaps are really a plus for keen R/C sailplane enthusiasts.
Landings are easy and precise, thanks to the powerful, ready-installed air-brakes.
The model can use electric power for perfectly autonomous flying (with the motor in the nose).
The model is designed and manufactured in Czech Republic.

Kit contents:
  • Ready fiberglass fuselage with carbon reinforcements and controls.
  • Elevator servo tray already installed in the fin post. Rear hatch latch, front dowel.
  • Ready foam core abachi wings covered with Oracover® with metallic airbrakes already installed.
  • Ailerons and flaps (2x2 pairs) finished ready to be hinged. Fiberglass rod wing joiner.
  • Fiberglass hollow molded winglets, horizontal stabilizer and fin.
  • High quality vinyl stickers set, CNC cut.
  • Hardware (servos trays, etc…)
  • Step by step building instructions.